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Service Mark
In 1979, the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted exclusive service mark rights for the term "ROLFING®" to The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration (“RISI”), distinguishing ROLFING® Structural Integration from all other forms of structural integration. RISI is the sole owner of the trademark "ROLFING®", the brand, and all its derivatives.

“ROLFING®” Trademark Usage:
The Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration is the sole certifying body for ROLFERS™ and ROLFING® practitioners. Only graduates of the RISI training program who become members of RISI, may offer ROLFING® services to the public, and may refer to themselves as ROLFING® practitioners, CERTIFIED ROLFERS™, ROLF MOVEMENT® PRACTITIONERS and/or CERTIFIED ADVANCED ROLFERS™. To determine if a practitioner is a member of RISI, consumers look for these trademarks. A directory of Certified ROLFERS™ can be found at the RISI website by clicking here.

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