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Bill Stiefel

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Practice Locations:

  • 3171 Los Feliz Blvd, 200F
    Los Angeles, CA 90039 (USA)
    Phone: 213-407-3852
  • 3171 Los Feliz Blvd, 200F
    Atwater, CA 90039 (USA)
    Phone: 213-407-3852

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Additional Phone Number:

  • 213-407-3852 (cell)


As a Rolfer™, I align the body and refine its relationship to gravity. This has profound effects on the body. Rolfing is renowned for its restorative ability, it is also great for working with overuse injuries, pain management as well as injury prevention.

Believing each person’s structure is unique, I work with everyone differently. I am nonjudgmental and believe in health at every size. I feel each person can find health within their own body type. My approach is to renew balance through Rolfing® Structural Integration and Rolf Movement®. I often combine these approaches in each session. I see Rolf Movement as a tool to renew spatial perceptions. This gives clients more awareness and connection in their body. I see Rolfing Structural Integration as a way to release adhesions and locked tissues within the body. Rolfing renews the natural balance for an individual, allowing each person to further define or reinvent the relationship to his or her body and enviornment. I enjoy seeing the transformation that takes place as people become more empowered in their bodies. You are welcome to take a look at elementalrolfing.com for additional information. Please contact me to make an appointment.

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