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Press Releases 2004 – present
Press Releases pre-2004

Press Releases 2004 – present

Federal Financial Aid Available from The Rolf Institute® of Strucural Integration - 11/10

The Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration to Sponsor its First Rolfing® Structural Integration National Awareness Week throughout the United States - 8/10

The Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration to Offer Certified Rolfer™ Training Throughout the United States - 6/10

Sean Casey, Detroit Tigers All Star, Says He Could Not Have Played the 2006 World Series Without Rolfing® - 3/07

Rolfing® Redefines The Art Of Making People Beautiful - 2/07

Rolfing® Enhances Athletic Performance and Recovery - 2/07

Celebrities And Elite Athletes Offer Perspectives On Rolfing® And Repetitive Stress Syndrome, Chronic Back Pain, And Athletics - 2/07

Practice Got Him Into Carnegie Hall, Repetitive Stress Syndrome Kept Him Out; Leon Fleisher's Story - 2/07

Alternative Sports Medicine: What’s New And How You Can Get Back On Your Feet In No Time - 2/07

Manufacturer's Worker Compensation Costs for Repetitive Stress Injuries Decreased By $1 Million With Effective, Proven On-Site Rolfing® Program; OSHA Sets New Ergonomics Protection Standar - 2/07

Dr. Ronald Tarrel, Neurologist, Refers Surgical Patients to Rolfing - 2/07 - 2/07

2000 Olympics: How ’96 Silver Medalist, Lance Deal Prepared For The Sydney Olympics- From A Track And Field Perspective Rolfing® Was A Tremendous Boost To His Sport - 2/07

Growing Number of Olympic Athletes Use Rolfing® Bodywork For Improved Performance and Quicker Injury Recovery - 5/04

Press Releases pre-2004

New Low Back Pain Research:Published In the Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy and Reviewed By the Journal of Alternative Therapies In Health And Medicine - 4/01

Qadry Ismail, SuperBowl Raven’s Receiver & Cris Carter, Minnesota Viking’s Star Receiver: What They Do Outside The Game To Keep Themselves In The Game:Rolfing® Soft Tissue Manipulation - 3/01

Minnesota Vikings Star Receiver, Cris Carter’s Key To Success, Rolfing Soft Tissue Manipulation - 3/01

SuperBowl Success For Baltimore Raven’s, Qadry Ismail Includes Rolfing®; MinnesotaVikings Star, Cris Carter Agrees That Rolfing Helps the Body Fix Itself - 3/01

THE PROMISE OF ROLFING® CHILDREN: The Positive Impacts Of Structural Integration On Children’s Health - 3/01

Rolfing® Structural Integration Addresses Ordinary Neck, Back And Shoulder Problems And Relieves Pain - 3/01

Erin Aldrich, 2000 Sydney U.S. Olympic Track and Field High Jumper -- Her Olympic Support Team Includes Rolfing® - 9/00

Olympic, MD, Dr. Jim Mongomery, at the Dallas Orthopedic Specialists Medical Center Says Rolfing Can Relieve The Aches And Pains That Come With Aging - 9/99

Where Does Your Back Go When It Goes Out? Ask An Expert : Jeffrey Maitland, Ph.D, Certified Advanced Rolfer, Author Of Spacious Body (North Atlantic) - 2/99

Skiing Tips For Performance, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation With Vail Ski Instructor & Certified Advanced Rolfer, Shari MacCallum - 1/99

Olympic Gold Medal Spotlights Were Aimed At Figure Skaters, Michelle Kwan and Elvis Stojko; How These Athletes Prepared For the Olympics - 1/97

Careers In Alternative Medicine: As The Demand For Rolfing® Keeps Growing, So Does Interest In A Career In Rolfing

Equine Rolfing® And Massage Have Emerged From The Periphery Of The Veterinary Health Care System To Play An Increasingly Important Role In Equine Racing and Dressage Competition