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Rolfing® Structural Integration Addresses Ordinary Neck, Back And Shoulder Problems And Relieves Pain

March 20, 2001, Boulder, CO..Mr. James Wright, is a 50 year old scientist and medical materials engineer and consultant for healthcare manufacturers. He has a BS biology and has spent 32 years in medical materials research and development.

Wright sought out Rolfing to alleviate the strain and cramping from computer work and for some rollerblading injuries. Five years ago he was a karate student with muscle pain, tightness and misalignment. Jim Wright had planned to live with his shoulder, neck and back problems until his wife suggested Rolfing. "I tried it and the problems are gone," says Wright. "Now, I go in 1x year for a tune up."

He received 10 sessions. "It was quite amazing, I walked differently," says Wright. "My gait is smoother and I grew 1/2 foot longer. Nagging aches from muscle strain are gone. Then I had 5 advanced sessions and I felt even better walking and running my body was in balance. I recently returned to my Rolfer for help with an injury. In January I was heading to Australia, he was carrying a suitcase that was about 20 lbs. too heavy for me and I developed a cramp in my hip. I used heat, spas, massage but the pain returned a day or two later. One visit with my Rolfer gave me immediate relief and the problem never came back."

"My wife works alot on keyboard and suffers from shoulder and neck pain," says Wright. "She has a running appointment with our Rolfer to get a tune-up every six months. I recommend it for everyone. It even addressed those minor muscle pains inherent in the body that I'd ignored. Now they are no longer troubling me. Then there are some aches that wouldn't go away."

"Massage offers immediate relief but it's not lasting," says Wright. "Muscles endure repetitive strain. A simple injury, with a suitcase can develop into a shoulder cramp, the muscle shortens from strain. Rolfing returns you to your optimum and balances your body. Chiropractic is like massage, it offers temporary relief, but you have to keep going back, the underlying problem is still there. Rolfing straightens out the underlying problem. It helps me with downhill and cross country skiing, and bicycling which require balance. Having the body in balance supports my athletic interests. We need more Rolfers out there. My Rolfer has a 2-3 month waiting list."