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What They Do Outside The Game To Keep Themselves In The Game: Rolfing® Soft Tissue Manipulation

Boulder, CO… Athletes like Qadry Ismail, the Baltimore Raven's wide receiver and Cris Carter, the Minnesota Vikings Capt. of Offense, demand a lot from their bodies. Just last year a high ankle sprain took Carter out of the game. Cris says, "Six physicians predicted I would be out of the game for five weeks with that high ankle sprain. Wayne Henningsgaard, my Rolfer, had me back out in a week– I played the (Dec. '99) Green Bay game and within two weeks I was playing full force again and ran a 100 yard game."

"For a professional athlete, your job requires you to be at your optimum best," says Qadry Ismail, Baltimore Raven's wide receiver. "If you are not at your best your performance decreases drastically. I depend on Rolfing for injury prevention and recovery. Whatever I come into the session with I know will be gone by the end, no matter how severe or how minor, when I see my Rolfer, Wayne Henningsgaard. I wind up not missing a game, not missing a beat and that makes a big difference to me."

Graduating from Sycracuse University and headed for the NFL, a massage therapist recommended Rolfing bodywork to help Ismail with groin and back injuries. Ismail says, "For a long time I was dealing with a lot of low back problems, structural damage to my lower body that developed from playing on artificial turf in college. I tried Rolfing bodywork, and I immediately noticed the difference in my body. I was once again able to run, pain free. I could move again! I could do things I knew I was capable of but hadn't ex perienced in a long time because I was injured."

Carter says, "I first I heard about Rolfing from another football player and now I recommend Wayne to my other team members. After completing the 10 sessions series, I started advanced Rolfing sessions on a regular basis to prevent injuries. I know when the body is toned and aligned it is less likely to injure. By increasing the flexibility and mobility in my muscles I can prevent injury and improve my chances of recovery if I do get hurt."

"Other therapies can help but Rolfing makes the difference," says Ismail. "When l was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings, midway through my season I noticed something was not right, so I found Wayne Henningsgaard. Wayne and I immediately connected. He has a keen eye and an innate sense of body mechanics. He knew exactly what needed to get done,why and how to do it. I honestly believe if it had not been for his Rolfing work I would not still be playing this high level a game in my career. It has been a huge psychological advantage to know I have someone like Wayne on my team."

This year Carter saw Henningsgaard on a weekly basis throughout the season. "Carter had fresh injuries each week. Every game he had some kind of injury, a twisted ankle, torqued spine,etc. but we stayed on top of it and he played a full season because he received regular sessions of Rolfing," says Henningsgaard.

"I recommend Rolfing to other elite athletes. I love it," says Ismail. "I think literally everyone should have 10 session of Rolfing at some time in their life to see what a difference it makes -- just to experience what it feels like to walk around not feeling restricted."

"Qadry saw me before the Superbowl a few times for a left knee injury and some secondary trauma to his hip, low back and shoulder girdle," says Certified Rolfer, Jonas Abraham. "Qadry has stayed active despite the knee injury, performing at his best, and taking hits, but he wasn't getting efficient support from his right leg. I watched the way Qadry moved during a December game and noted the difference between the two legs. Then I balanced his legs by manipulating the soft tissue to improve motility and mobility, to increase circulation and flexibility," Abraham says. "These also served to prevent future injuries be cause circulation and nourishment were improved to the joints and tissues. During the Superbowl, Qadry made a key play, he kept the drive going which ended in a successful field goal, setting the score at 10 –0. Post-Superbowl, Ismail went to Abraham for two Rolfing sessions to complete his after season Rolfing goals. Abraham says, "Qadry is a pro athlete, and wholly depends on his body throughout the season. If you change someone's physiology , their movement changes. Some of that work is better done off season than on. To complete the final Rolfing work that went deeper into his knee it was best to wait until after season . This gave Qadry more time to adapt to the final changes that were made.

A Neurologist Refers His Surgical Patients to Rolfer, Wayne Henningsgaard Dr. Ronald Tarrel, D.O., a neurologist, at the Noran Neurological Clinic in Minneapolis, says, "I refer my patients to Certified Advanced Rolfer, Wayne Henningsgaard and have had an 80-85% success rate. Patients who may be surgical candidates, or others that have had surgery for neck and back injuries."

Tarrel says, "I am sold on Rolfing because I get to do all the sports I want to even though I don't have a perfect back. X-rays have shown that my back does have a disc herniation and other changes in it, but as an MD, I know that no one is going to make those go away. I don't need any surgery as long as I can keep it stable with Rolfing. Rolfing does not correct the inherent changes in my back but it allows me to continue to do rigorous activities and makes me more aware of my body. The back problems are still there but Rolfing helps with the pain, discomfort andstiffness. If I mess it up again I can go back to my Rolfer and I am better again. Rolfing gives me pain relief and keeps me symmetric so I can count on my body more.