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Lael Keen  

Lael Katharine Keen

Lael Katharine Keen comes from a family of Rolfers™. Both her mother and step-father trained with Ida Rolf and were members of the Rolf Institute Faculty before her. She has been on the Rolfing® Structural Integration and Rolf Movement® Faculty for the Rolf Institute, since 1994 and and is founding member of the Brazilian Rolfing Association.

She is an also a practitioner and teacher (at the Advanced level) of Somatic Experiencing (Dr. Peter Levine’s innovative approach to treating post-traumatic stress through the body) and has been teaching Somatic Experiencing for the Foundation for Human Enrichment since 1998. She is a founding member of the Brazilian SE Association (SE Brasil) and a senior member of the Brazilian faculty.

Lael also holds a 5th degree black belt in Ki-Aikido and has taught and studied Ki-Aikido most of her adult life. She lives in the south of Brazil with her husband and daughter.

Sally Klemm  

Sally Klemm

Sally Klemm is an internationally recognized Rolf Institute instructor who teaches worldwide while maintaining a private practice in Honolulu, Hawaii. Native of Berkeley, California, Sally is a graduate of UC Berkeley’s College of Letters and Science.

After a 4-year sailing voyage around the world, Sally was introduced to Rolfing Structural Integration by Stacey Mills, who convinced her to stop trimming sails and start aligning bodies. Having followed Stacey’s good counsel, Sally has called Honolulu home since 1983, where her private practice includes the Hawaiian Healing Arts and Visionary Craniosacral Work©, as well as RolfingStructural and Movement Integration.

Sally’s extraordinary ability to blend an organized cognitive style with deeply intuitive understanding reflects her fascination with the unity of the psyche and the soma. Sally joined the Rolf Institute Faculty in 1995.


Larry Koliha

Larry Koliha started his career in bodywork in the mid-90s, training in various types of energetic bodywork and attending college classes in anatomy and physiology. Rolfing SI created such a meaningful shift in his own life, that he left his first career as a mechanical manufacturing engineer and immersed himself in the world of structural integration.

Larry completed his basic training in 1999 with instructors Ray McCall and Liz Gaggini, and six years later, became an Advanced Rolfer under the tutelage of Jan Sultan, Tessy Brungardt, and Sally Kleem. He certified in Rolf Movement Integration with Lael Katherine Keen in Brazil. Other mentors who have strongly influenced his work include Rolfers Til Luchau and Jane Harrington. 

Larry’s teaching style comes from his corporate engineering background. Students appreciate his clear, knowledgeable, good-natured teaching style. Larry presents a simple, structured and fun approach to learning the classic basic ten-session recipe. Emphasis is placed on developing sustainable body use, appropriate touch and pacing, and the ability to incorporate movement work in each session.

Larry was an avid trail runner and volleyball player in Colorado where he had his first Rolfing practice but now practices in the Raleigh/Durham area in North Carolina.

Til Luchau  

Til Luchau

Til Luchau has been on the Rolf Institute faculty since 1989, began his structural integration studies with Ida Rolf’s students in 1983, and certified with the Rolf Institute in 1987. As the Chair of the Foundations of Rolfing Structural Integration faculty until 1997, Til played a key role in originating the curriculum that has evolved into the current Therapeutic Relationship and Skillful Touch segments of the Foundations training.

Formerly a resident practitioner at the Esalen Institute, Adjunct Faculty member of Naropa University's Somatic Psychology Department, as well as Chair of the Rolf Institute's Teacher Training Committee, Til has also served as a member of the Rolf Institute's Curriculum, Accreditation, and Scholarship committees. Til’s background includes training and work as a somatic psychotherapist, organizational development consultant, and professional coach.

Til currently authors the “Myofascial Techniques” column for Massage and Bodywork Magazine. He is a lead instructor and the director of Advanced-Trainings.com. 


Raquel Motta

Raquel Motta graduated in Physical Education in 1985, and she has worked as a body awareness teacher since 1988. She became a Rolfer™ and a Rolf Movement® Practitioner in 1996 in Brazil. After 4 years of working as a Rolfer, she decided to do a 3-year Masters degree program in 2000 and academically research the relationship between the Rolfing® process and Body Image. Always being interested in the functional aspect of Rolfing Structural Iintegration, Raquel continued to further her exploration and research by doing another 2-year post graduation program in Motor Control. She also studied with Hubert Godard for several years. She wanted to share what she learnt with her colleagues and came to be interested in teaching Rolfing SI, becoming a Foundations (Phase I) instructor in 2006 and a Rolfing SI (Phases II and III) and Rolf Movement instructor in 2010.

Raquel explores and integrates in her teaching how our physical structure and our patterns of movement and function express aspects of our personality and how this connects to our experience as a spiritual being.

Michael Murphy  

Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy ~ more to come

Konrad Obermeier  

Konrad Obermeier

Konrad Obermeier completed his academic explorations with a university degree in Communications and Anthropology. He discovered the somatic field, extensively studied Yoga in India in the 1980s and became a Rolfer in 1991. Incorporating visceral and cranial approaches in his structural work deepened his interest in anatomy as a fundamental basis of Structural Integration. For many years, his specific interest has been the work of the German Embryologist Dr. Erich Blechschmidt and his notion of differentiation and growth of the human structure as a developmental movement.

Konrad cooperated in the field of Continuum Movement with Susan Harper, studied the Biodynamic approach in the Cranial field with Franklyn Sills and has followed the work of Hubert Godard since 1993. Over the years Konrad supported the expanding European Rolfing Community in different ways. He has been teaching anatomy classes for the ERA e.V. for several years and was nominated to the Life Sciences Faculty in 2009.

Pedro Prado  

Pedro Prado, Ph.D.

Pedro Prado, PhD , of Sao Paulo, Brazil, is a member of the Advanced and Movement Faculties of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration. In 1981, he became the first Certified Rolfer from Brazil and brought the work to Latin America. He was a founding member of Brazil’s regional Rolfing association, Associação Brasileira de Rolfing (ABR).  

With his background as a clinical psychologist and previous experience as a professor of Somatic Psychology at the Catholic University of Sao Paulo, Pedro's special contributions to Structural Integration have centered on movement and the behavioral dimensions of the work. He has also developed extensive clinical and teaching protocols to both track and evaluate SI process outcomes, and to enhance awareness of the psychobiological perspective.

Since 1998, Pedro has been a practitioner of Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing (SE); and is now an SE Instructor. He has developed a method called Structural Stretches that draws upon the principles and wisdom of both SI and SE.