DIRI Committees


Faculty Chairs

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Phase I – Chair

Neal Anderson
Lu Mueller-Kaul

Basic / Phase II & III - Chair

Kevin McCoy

Advanced Faculty - Chair

Tessy Brungardt

Movement Faculty-Chair

Aline Newton

Life Sciences Faculty – Chair

Juan David Velez

Faculty Committees


Robin Graber – Chair
Les Kertay

Continuing Education

Ellen Freed – Chair
Valerie Berg
Rebecca Carli


– Chair

Board Development and Recruitment Committee

Libby Eason

Faculty Development and Review Board

Jeffrey DeGeorgio – Chair, FDRBchair@rolf.org
Jeffrey Maitland
Ray McCall
Pedro Prado
Rihab Yaquib
France Hatt-Arnold
Bethany Ward

Law and Legistlation (L&L)

Libby Eason – Chair

Education Executive Committee

Neal Anderson – Chair
Tessy Brungardt
Lisa Fairman
Ellen Freed
Kevin McCoy
Adam Mentzell
Juan David Velez

Student Evaluation Committee

Larry Koliha
Adam Mentzell

Research Committee

Vaclav Klemen – Chair
Valerie Berg
Eric Jacobsen
Robert Schleip
Helen James
Mary Starich

Technology Committee

Juan David Velez – Chair
Larry Koliha

Program Redesign Committee

Christina Howe – Chair
Russell Stolzoff
Suzanne Picard
Kevin McCoy
Adam Mentzell
Tessy Brungardt

Diversity Committee

Tristan Koepke – Chair
Lu Mueller-Kaul
Mary Contreras
Marekah Stewart
Brian Soderholm
Phoenix DeLeon