Rolf Certification Programs

School-wide Learning Outcomes

All of the certification programs at the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® focus on five areas of knowledge and skills, or school wide learning outcomes including the following: Seeing, Touch, Embodiment, Therapeutic Relationship, and Didactic. Students must demonstrate that they understand the concepts and are able to do the skills tied to these outcomes in order to complete their program. The Rolf Institute Assessment Rubrics for each certification program outline the specific knowledge and skills for each of the five school wide learning outcomes. These rubrics are the basis for assessing student success in their program.

Overview of Certification Programs

Whether you are just beginning your career or are already a trained professional, The Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® has a program that will provide you with the skills, expertise and reputation to succeed in your career.

In order to receive final certification, all students must successfully complete the Basic SI Certification Assessment for Graduation.

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The Advanced Rolfing® Certification Program is a 168 hour course designed to deepen the practitioner's knowledge and skills of structural integration.

Student graduates who meet the requirements for basic structural integration certification from either the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® or from an approved IASI school AND who have met all required and approved intermediate continuing education pre-requisites, may take the Advanced Rolfing® Certification Program.

For graduates of the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute, students must complete the required Rolf Institute intermediate continuing education pre-requisites, in addition to meeting a required number of years as a Rolfing SI practitioner. In order to maintain membership affiliation with the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute, the Advanced Rolfing® Training must be completed within seven years of the initial Rolfing® certification, or within nine years if one first completes the Rolf Movement® Integration training.

For graduates of approved IASI schools, students must complete the required intermediate continuing education courses, as well as the Rolf Movement® Integration Certification program.

For a full list of IASI approved schools, click HERE.

In order to receive final certification, all students must successfully complete the Advanced Rolfing Training Assessment.

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Certified Rolfers™, Rolfing® students, and graduates of an IASI approved program may choose to further develop their skills in the Rolf Movement® Integration Certification Program. Rolfing students must have completed Phase II: Embodiment of Rolfing Structural Integration & Rolf Movement Integration prior to training for their Rolf Movement Certification--consult with Rolf Institute staff for more information.

Framed in the principles of Rolfing Structural Integration, the Rolf Movement Integration Certification program teaches practitioners to utilize a combination of touch and verbal instruction to guide the client towards greater ease and freedom in movement. In the Rolf Movement Certification Program, Rolfers deepen their holistic understanding of how bodies function in gravity. Students learn to honor the client’s ability to integrate changes and adapt to their environment.

Rolf Movement Integration Certification is a fundamental and valuable complement to the basic and advanced Rolfing Certification. The program emphasizes the significance of supporting a client’s awareness and participation in their Rolfing process, the ultimate goal of which is the grace and power that emerges when a person becomes present with their own body and the world around them. Clients may pursue Rolf Movement Integration sessions independent of Rolfing Structural Integration sessions. The work is also applicable to group presentations and classes.

As a response to client needs and the nature of their practice, Certified Rolf Movement Practitioners offer Rolf Movement as single sessions or as a series. They may weave and integrate the work within SI sessions or series. Some offer Rolf Movement classes as an additional aid to their clients, or within a university or community program. Rolf Movement has applications to ergonomics. Some practitioners have worked as consultants to companies. Rolf Movement has meaningful applications to sports, dance, theater, and public speaking. It is helpful in refining yoga practices and other physical training and activities. Practitioners have found applications in child development and physically challenged patient populations. The nature of the work allows for practitioners to integrate already established skills, such as Pilates or sports training, to create appropriate applications based on their background and interests.

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