Continuing Education



The Rolf Institute is committed to cultivating academic growth and therapeutic skills in all of its graduates. Continuing Education studies can cover a broad range of relevant subjects. Certified Rolfers may take workshops in specific manipulative techniques or may explore other related subjects such as CranioSacral Therapy or Visceral Manipulation. Some credit requirements can be met through approved mentoring programs.

Rolfers receive monthly announcements of workshops and training opportunities, or can find upcoming Continuing Education opportunities on the website.

These continuing education requirements are among the many ways in which The Rolf Institute maintains its high standards and demonstrates them to the community.

Required Intermediate CE Courses

 Through  2016, to maintain their Rolfing certification, Certified Rolfers must complete a minimum of 18 days of approved continuing education over a period of 3-7 years in preparation for Advanced Rolfing Training. If certified as a Rolf Movement Practitioner, Rolfers have up to 9 years to complete their Continuing Education credits and enroll in the Advanced Training. All CE hours will be grandfathered in under the 2017 CE Policy.

Starting in 2017, within the list of CE courses offered, there will be certain CE courses that will be required prior to enrolling in the Advanced Training program. These courses are designed to prepare Rolfers for the training that will lead to certification as an Advanced Rolfer. Of the 18 days required, 15 of these credits/days must be Required Intermediate CE with 5 of those credits in Rolf Movement. The remaining 3 credits/days can be fulfilled through other CE courses offered by the Rolf Institute.

Mentoring Program

This program is designed to encourage Certified Rolfers to participate in the unique style of learning that can take place in a one-on-one situation. This is a way for Rolfers to obtain Continuing Education credit while benefiting from the expertise of more experienced peers. The program has been developed with the goals of encouraging learning through mentoring, building community, and providing accessible education. Applications for mentors, mentor evaluation forms, and student evaluation forms are all available through the Director of Education at The Rolf Institute.

Rolfers are able to receive up to six credits by receiving mentoring, and up to three of these may be RISI Manipulation Credits. One credit is equal to six to eight hours of mentoring work. The Rolfer receiving mentoring will be charged a $75 processing fee for each series of mentoring for which they wish to receive credit. Credit will be recorded on the Rolfer's transcript when the following are submitted:

  1. The processing fee
  2. The Mentor's evaluation form of the Rolfer
  3. The Rolfer's evaluation form of the Mentor

The following things must be present in a mentoring series

  1. Supervised work where the Mentor watches the Rolfer: 2 sessions minimum out of any 8-hour block of time to equal one credit.
  2. Time for discussion between the Mentor and the Rolfer.
  3. The opportunity for the Rolfer to bring questions from his or her practice to the Mentor for review.

The following are other possibilities for the series

  1. Four handed work with clients
  2. The Rolfer receiving a session from the Mentor
  3. The Mentor receiving a session from the Rolfer, and giving feedback.
  4. The Rolfer observing sessions given by the Mentor.

CE/RMC Workshop Cancellation & Refund Policy

Update coming soon.

Registrant chooses to cancel attendance: If a student chooses to cancel a registration, a refund will be issued, less a $40 cancellation fee, as long as the class registration coordinator has been notified in person, by phone (person to person, not a voice mail message), or by email within 21 days (3 weeks) from the start of class. No refunds, for any reason, will be issued if cancellation is received with less than 21 days (3 weeks) notice from the start of class.

RISI and/or Instructor chooses to cancel class: We reserve the right to cancel any class within 21 days (3 weeks) from the start of class if enrollment has not met the minimum participant requirements. If the class is cancelled for any reason by RISI or Instructor, all class tuition and fees paid will be refunded. We strongly advise confirming with RISI that the class has a minimum number of students registered before making nonrefundable travel reservations. We will not be held responsible for any loss of travel fees paid.