State Licensing

United States Massage Licensing Laws

Licensing and State Regulation

If you are a massage therapist in the State of Colorado, to practice Rolfing® SI you are required to apply for licensure through the
Colorado Department of Regulator Agencies (DORA)
1560 Broadway, Suite 110
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 894-7855 - Phone
(800) 886-7675 - Toll-Free
(303) 894-7885 - Fax

Rolfing® Structural Integration (SI) is exempt from licensure in the state of Colorado. This means that graduates are not required to obtain a license if they plan to solely practice Rolfing in the state.

Requirements for other states may vary so please check with the state or local agency in which you are going to practice.

If you plan to practice as both a Rolfer® and a Massage Therapist in a state that requires Massage Licensure but has a Rolfer exemption, in order to practice Rolfing SI you are required to apply for a massage license through the state's Regulatory Agency.

Click HERE for the full list of state regulations.

**Disclaimer: The Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® is not liable for the content of this guideline. All information contained herein is subject to change at any time from the various state and local agencies involved with professional licensure. It is imperative to check directly with those agencies for current information.

Please note that local municipal ordinances may apply in the absence of State Regulation so please check with the local agency in which you choose to practice.

Students enrolled in the 731-hour Rolfing Certification Program are concurrently enrolled in the Massage and Bodywork Program. Upon successful completion of the program, students will have met and exceeded the licensing requirements for massage practice per Colorado Revised Statute 12-35.5-117 (§ 12-35.5-117, C.R.S.).

While this program does exceed the minimum requirements, students should not consider the program as a terminal certificate for massage alone but rather as preparation to be Structural Integrators.     

Requirements for other states may vary so please check with the State Agency where you will practice. The following resources may be used to assist you: