What's New at the Rolf Institute®?

Graduate Performance System

A new Graduate Performance System or GPS, is being developed by the DIRI Faculty Assessment team. The Rolf Institute GPS that will allow instructors to assess student progress, based on clear learning and performance outcomes for the Basic Rolfing® SI course and Rolf Movement Integration course. Students will be asked to build an on line student portfolio that maps their journey through the difference phases of becoming certified Rolfers™. Faculty are  currently using the GPS Assessment rubrics now in classrooms, both in the US and internationally, to develop and refine learning activities. Once the full model is implemented, student's will  present their learning portfolios before a faculty/member committee of peers as part of meeting graduation requirements. The full GPS model launched in 2017.

CANVAS Learning Management System

A new DIRI Learning Management System (LMS) launched in 2016. Learning Management Systems provide an on line platform for students to register and pay for classes, meet their peers, access a library of learning materials, work in groups, conference with their instructor, up load portfolio materials, take tests and complete assignments, and generally have one stop for organizing their learning. They are easy to use and to access from anywhere in the world. CANVAS will support not only the core certification programs, but will also be used to support the DIRI Teacher-in-Training Program and continuing education for our members. The new DIRI Learning Management System will allow for a new level of collaboration among faculty, students, and members all working together as part of the same learning community.

New Pathways for SI Practitioners to become Rolf Members

Many structural integration practitioners have expressed interest in taking Advanced Rolfing courses and becoming Rolf Institute Members. Now there is a pathway for them to do so. In partnership with IASI the International Association of Structural Integration, SI graduates of approved IASI schools may take the Advanced Rolfing courses if they satisfy all of the pre-requisites. If they are interested in becoming members of the Rolf Institute, with full privileges of membership, then they must also complete the Rolf Movement Certification, which by the DIRI bylaws, allows them to become voting members.