Faculty Bios



Neal Anderson

Neal Anderson is a Certified Advanced Rolfer® and Rolf Movement® Practitioner in practice since 2003. His Rolfing® work has been deeply informed by ongoing study with Rolf Institute® Advanced Faculty, his teaching, and visceral and craniosacral study. He currently practices in Loveland, Colorado.

In Neal's words: It is very important to have work that is fun and evokes laughter. For me, this is true of both my Rolfing practice and my Rolfing teaching. I love engaging with clients and students to help bring them to a higher level of function and living on this planet.


Sara Bayer

In Sara's words: I am an acupuncturist, licensed in California (1987) and Washington (1991). Since 1986 I have taught continuously in schools of acupuncture in California and Washington. I became a Certified Rolfer® in 2004 after being entertained and impressed by two Rolfers® who were students in an acupuncture class I was teaching. In 2010 I completed Rolfing® Advanced Training. I earned a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine degree from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 2014, translating the Guang Wen Yi Lun , a classical Chinese medical text on febrile diseases written in the 17th century. I enjoy watching science and art collide and collude, and the realizations that happen when they do. This happens a lot in the world of Rolfing Structural Integration. It is a fascinating world to inhabit and very, very fun!


Valerie Berg

Valerie Berg trained in 1987 with Peter Melchior and Nicholas French. She is a big proponent of teaching the classical Ten-Series to beginning students, as this is where a lot of our thinking and development occurs that takes us deeper into the work. The nuances and advanced work come later developing out of knowing the territory of the ten series work. She worked in Guatemala for five years in the '90s and was exposed to the trauma of war and violence thus began studying Peter Levine’s trauma work. 

Valerie developed a workshop called Structural Aging which came from feeling the results the first time she received Rolfing® at the age of 25. The joy of moving our bodies with freedom and no pain is what gives us the sense of being alive and young, not our age. Over the years she has focused on all the patterns that break us down to make us feel or look old.

She has been teaching for 20 years and received her bachelor’s degree in Education and Modern dance. She is also a Rolf Movement Practitioner trained by Hubert Godard.

She has been practicing full-time in Albuquerque, NM for 32 years and now travels to San Diego and has a part-time practice there.


Tessy Brungardt

Tessy Brungardt received her BA in Environmental Biology in 1976 from New College in Sarasota, FL. In her studies and following career she enjoyed exploring the interface of observing the natural world and the science of how things worked. Once she was introduced to Rolfing® Structural Integration in 1979, she was inspired to take this exploration into the human realm. She became a Certified Rolfer® in 1985 and a Certified Advanced Rolfer in 1988. Tessy completed her Rolf Movement® Certification in 1994. She also became certified to teach for the Rolf Institute in 1994 and became an Advanced Instructor for the Rolf Institute in 2002.


Rebecca Carli

Rebecca Carli-Mills became interested in somatic movement studies while pursuing B.A. and M.F.A. degrees in dance performance and choreography. She earned certification in Rolf Movement Integration in 1987 with Janie French and Annie Duggan. She became a Certified Rolfer® in 1989 and a Certified Advanced Rolfer in 1992. In 1994, Rebecca graduated from the Pennsylvania Gestalt Center for Psychotherapy and Training and joined the Rolf Movement® faculty of The Rolf Institute®

Rebecca’s understanding of gravity and human movement potential has been enriched by her long-time studies with Hubert Godard. Godard’s work provides the chief theoretical and practical foundation that inspires her teaching. Additionally, she draws from her interest in the work of Laban/Bartineff, Charlotte Selver, Julio Horvath, and through various forms of yoga. Rebecca believes that embodiment is a life-long process, essential for somatic practitioners. 

Rebecca is a past Chairperson of the Rolf Movement faculty and ISMETA board member. She has taught somatic movement courses at several universities. Currently, Rebecca lives in Chevy Chase MD, where she maintains an active practice in Rolfing® SI and Rolf Movement Integration.


Phoenix DeLeon

Phoenix L. Quetzal DeLeón is a Board Certified Structural Integration Practitioner, a Certified Advanced Rolfer® and Rolf Movement® Practitioner, as well as an NCBTMB and CAMTC approved Massage Therapist. She has had a Rolfing practice in Santa Cruz, CA for the last 15 years. Phoenix also holds a Master’s Degree in Somatic Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, and offers Somatic Psychotherapy to adults and children.

Before becoming a DIRI faculty member in 2018, Phoenix taught a variety of subjects in many different settings, and received specialized training in metacognitive teaching. Her teaching experience spans about three decades, and her teaching inspirations include principles from Health at Every Size, disability rights and social justice movements, as well as social emotional learning.


Libby Eason

Libby Eason first experienced the transformative effects of Rolfing® Structural Integration in 1975. She trained as a massage therapist in 1986 and practiced that profession for 12 years. In 1992, Libby graduated from the Rolf Institute®. She completed her Rolf Movement certification in 1994, and advanced training in 1997. She became an assistant instructor in 1998 and became a faculty member in 2005.

Libby continues to explore the continuum of Structure-Function-Energy as it applies to the art of Structural and Movement Integration. She serves on the Board of Directors of the International Association of Structural Integrators® as the Chair of Law and Legislation. In that capacity, Libby is active in legislative matters in an effort to preserve the distinct identity of the profession of Structural Integration.

Libby currently serves as the Board Chair for the Rolf Institute.


Lisa Fairman

Lisa Fairman is a Certified Advanced Rolfer® and Rolf Movement® Practitioner in practice in Helena since 1998. Known for her gentle hands and clear touch she approaches her work from a perspective of evoking change and eliciting curiosity and ease. She has specialized training in trauma work and in visceral work and manipulation.

In Lisa's words: My teaching, and my practice, are influenced and supported by my previous profession - wildlife biology and ecology; love for nature and adventure; dance and yoga background; and fundamentally, who I am as a person. I teach from a place of kindness and patience.


Jazmine Fox-Stern

In her words: I discovered Rolfing® when I was 19 and a classmate of mine in Odissi dance offered me a Ten Series in exchange for tutoring her in that dance. I said, "ok, what's that?" I was amazed at how much I learned about myself and how fast people could change. This career has allowed me to make use of my studies in psychology, human development and pedagogy, neurobiology, and trauma, as well as my lifelong movement practices including dance, yoga, Aikido, and partner acrobatics.

I completed my basic training in 2010, my advanced training in 2016, began the teacher-in-training program at the DIRI in 2017, and became Rolf Movement® certified in 2021. Over the years, I've had Rolfing practices in Boston, Boulder, and now Olympia, WA. Although my practice is varied, I do continue to take many clients through the Ten Series, as well as doing non-formulaic work using osteopathic techniques, movement, and techniques focused on the psychobiological taxonomy. I work with many types of clients including athletes, trauma survivors, postpartum mothers, post-surgical patients, and people with complicated chronic pain and illness. Although most of my clients are middle-aged, I work with many elderly folks, some teenagers, and a few children and babies.

I love teaching for the joy of watching people learn, as well as for the increased clarity it gives me. In my work as a Rolfer®, this manifests in offering tidbits of relevant anatomical, physiological, or psychological studies, as well as integrating significant amounts of Rolf Movement into most structural sessions. Curiosity is one of my favorite aspects of humans and other beings. It's great when my clients ask questions and take an active role in optimizing their functions. It's wonderful when students ask questions and feel comfortable challenging my assertions.


Kevin Frank

Kevin Frank is a Certified Advanced Rolfer®, Rolf Movement® Practitioner, and Rolf Movement® Instructor at DIRI. He has worked with the Godard-derived Tonic Function Model since 1991 and has written on this topic from 1995 to the present. Kevin views structural integration as a form of somatic education, and advocates for an “information system” view for doing and teaching this work so as to bring the field of SI into congruence with modern understanding of motor control and perceptive/coordinative processes.

Kevin is the co-author (with Caryn McHose) of the book, How Life Moves, Explorations in Meaning and Body Awareness (North Atlantic 2006).



Ellen Freed

Ellen Freed has been a member of the Rolf Institute® since 1990. Since then, she has maintained a private practice in Delaware.

Ellen loves this work, her practice, her life, and the classes she is fortunate enough to teach.


Per Haaland

Per Haaland is a Certified Advanced Rolfer®, DIRI Faculty member teaching both Rolfing® SI Training and Rolf Movement®. He received his Rolfing® training in 1989 and completed his advanced training with Jan Sultan and Jeff Maitland in 1994. Per has also trained in visceral and neural manipulation and is a certified biodynamic craniosacral therapist.

Studies with Hubert Godard and Kevin Frank shape his understanding of structural integration as interactive somatic education, highlighting perceptual and coordinative processes. In his approach to Structural Integration and Movement Education, Per also draws extensively from his background as a professional dancer and choreographer.

As a teacher, Per is patient, approachable, and thorough, helping his students reach deeper levels of embodiment while gaining sophisticated manual therapy skills and a solid understanding of the theoretical and philosophical underpinnings of SI. Per lives in Santa Cruz, CA, and maintains a private practice there and in Los Gatos, CA.


Brett Linder

Brett Thomson Linder is a Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® Faculty Member, Certified Advanced Rolfer®, Rolf Movement® Practitioner, and Licensed Massage Therapist. Brett has multiple practices that include his private practice as well as working at Alpine Urgent Care and Sports Medicine and Studio One Pilates. 

Brett stumbled across Rolfing® in an effort to evolve beyond his own story and traumas. His experience with the Rolfing Ten Series of Structural Integration changed his life. So much so that Brett quit his job in Behavioral Health and pursued Rolfing as a vocation. He is continuously grateful to still be on this path of wonder.

Brett's teaching, as well as his practices, are influenced and supported by his previous life experiences and education. His occupational history includes Nonprofit Management, Event Planning, Fundraising, Academia, Behavioral Health, Team Building, K-12 Education, his Rolfing practices, Myo-Fascial Technique Classes, and the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute®.


Ray McCall

Ray McCall has 43 years of experience as a Rolfer®. As a DIRI Advanced faculty member, he teaches Rolfing® Training, Advanced Training, and Continuing Education classes both in the States and Abroad. His particular interest is the energetic taxonomy and how change occurs: how we more fully become and express who we are.

Ray trained to instructor level in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.


Kevin McCoy

Kevin is a faculty member of the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute®. He trained under all six of Dr. Rolf's originally appointed faculty. He has enjoyed being a practitioner of the art and science known as Rolfing® for over 30 years.

Kevin is a licensed Physical Therapist and was employed by the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation where he provided Rolfing to individuals in a chronic pain program. He previously served on the DIRI Board of Directors as the Board Chair for five years.

Kevin is passionate about Rolfing as a traditional and evolving healing art form.


Nobuko Muth

Nobuko Muth found Rolfing® SI in her late twenties when she was having trouble with her health, and her life has changed ever since. Nobu completed all of her Rolfing training in the United States: in 2000, Nobu graduated from the Rolf Institute®. She completed her Rolf Movement® certification in 2003 and Advanced training in 2007.

Nobu has a deep interest in the relationship between the body and the mind, which led her to study Bodynamics, a Danish somatic psychology, and analysis system, for five years. Also, she is an Experiencing Somatic practitioner and a Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist. She aims to restore clients’ body balance by helping clients to connect deeply with themselves.

 In 2012 Nobu moved to Boulder from Tokyo, Japan. 



Aline Newton

Aline Newton has been a Rolfer® since 1984. In 1990 she began studying with Hubert Godard and continues to be inspired by his perspective on Rolfing® and movement to this day. She served as Chair of the Rolf Institute Board for many years.

In addition to her private practice in Cambridge, MA, Aline teaches Embodied Anatomy at Berklee Conservatory’s Alexander Institute. She has written extensively and lectures on embodiment, perception, breathing, core stabilization, and other concepts that underlie Tonic Function.


Suzanne Picard

Suzanne Picard, MFA, has been part of the Rolf Institute® Faculty since 1995 as a leader in the Rolfing® SI Training program. Her studies include extensive Movement training, Visceral and Neural Manipulation, and Cranial Therapy. Her personal practices include continuum and yoga.

Suzanne's passion is embodied anatomy, perception, and the increased vitality and development that this supports.


Michael Salveson

Michael Salveson was trained as a Rolfer® by Dr. Ida P. Rolf in 1970. In 1972 he was asked by Dr. Rolf to assist her in training classes and was certified as a Rolfing® Instructor by Dr. Rolf in 1973. He has maintained his practice in the San Francisco Bay Area for 38 years and has worked as an Instructor for the Rolf Institute’s Advanced Training for 22 years. Michael Salveson was Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Rolf Institute® from 1976-1979 and President of the Rolf Institute from 1979 to 1982.

Michael has been instrumental in developing theories and techniques useful in releasing restrictions in the body’s ligamentous-articular system. He has studied extensively in the traditions deriving from osteopathy and works closely with inherent motion in the body. He is a 20-year student of Taoist Chi Gung and an avid fly fisherman.


John Schewe

John Schewe has been a Certified Rolfer® since 1987, completing his Advanced Rolfing® Training in 1991. He taught anatomy and physiology, structural kinesiology, and deep tissue technique classes for the Blue Cliff School of Massage in Kenner, Louisiana from 1990-1996.

John has been part of the Rolf Institute® Anatomy Faculty since 1995 and was Chair of the Life Sciences Group from 1998-2015. Though his academic background is in geology (MS, Louisiana State Univ., 1979), John has had a keen interest in the biological sciences as they pertain to bodywork in general and Rolfing Structural Integration in particular. He brings a fresh perspective to this material and his desire is to make the study of anatomy and physiology interesting, informative, and enjoyable.


Russell Stolzoff

Russell first encountered Rolfing® as a classroom client at The Rolf Institute® in 1983. The energy and freedom it brought inspired him to train as a Rolfer®. He completed his training in 1989 and his advanced certification in 1997. Russell augmented his Rolfing training with studies in trauma via Somatic Experiencing and in somatic developmental psychology at the Bodynamic Institute of Denmark.

Russell began teaching Rolfing in 2000, became a faculty member in 2002, and because a member of DIRI’s Advanced Faculty in 2017. He is actively involved in research, is a past Chair of the faculty’s Executive Education Committee, and is a past member of the Institute’s Board of Directors.

Russell’s enthusiasm for his practice is endless. He wakes up every day with the desire to get better at his work. As a teacher, he strives to meet students where they are and to impart to them knowledge and skills they can make use of.


Marius Strydom

Marius Strydom became the first Certified Rolfer® in South Africa when he graduated from DIRI in Boulder, CO in 1995. He completed his Advanced Rolfing® training in Brazil in 2000, and became a Phase I faculty member in 2001. He received half of his further faculty training in the US, and half in Europe, teaching his first Phase III in Germany in 2005.

Marius has taught Rolfing Certification trainings in the US, Germany, Japan, and South Africa, and has taught Continuing Education in Czech Republic, Poland, and the USA.

He started the South African Rolfing Training in 2010, which runs every three years. The cultural diversity, with participants from 16 countries (so far), and 6 different continents, adds a whole layer of fascination and global perspective to in-class discussions about topics like embodiment and perception as formative functions in postural and movement coordination.

Marius is interested in how we learn this multidimensional work, to that end meeting students in their respective learning and perceptual styles, making for an engaging, experiential learning environment.


Jan Sultan

Jan Sultan’s initial encounter with Ida Rolf was in 1967 as her client. In 1969 he trained under her, and after having assisted several classes, was invited by Dr. Rolf to become an instructor in 1975. After a further apprenticeship, Dr. Rolf invited him to take on Advanced teaching.

Jan currently teaches Rolfing® Training, Continuing Education, and Advanced Training for the Rolf Institute®. He feels strongly that his responsibility as an instructor goes beyond simply passing on what he was taught, to include the refinement and coherent development of the ideas and methodology taught by Ida Rolf. Jan lives in Northern New Mexico, and practices in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Juan David Vélez

Juan David Vélez has been practicing as a Rolfer® and Rolf Movement® Practitioner since 1995, first in his native Colombia, and for the last ten years in Portland, Oregon. Juan David is guided by the belief that mastery is the place where logic, knowledge, and intuition converge. As a practitioner, he combines a rigorous scientific understanding of the discipline with an open-minded, intuitive approach.

As a teacher, Juan David builds a strong framework of the science, theory, and philosophy of Rolfing® Structural Integration, and encourages students to investigate and master these concepts through play and personal exploration. Juan David has a particular interest in neuroplasticity, the seemingly limitless ability of the brain to change the body and to respond to the body by changing itself.

In his spare time, Juan David enjoys painting and ecstatic dance, a good cup of tea, and a serious game of chess.


Bethany Ward, M.B.A.

Bethany Ward, MBA is dual faculty in the Rolfing® and Rolf Movement® Integration departments. She is past-president of the Ida P. Rolf Research Foundation and was involved in the early stages of the International Fascia Research Congress and Fascia Research Society. Bethany currently serves on the DIRI Faculty Development and Review Board as a member of ISMETA’s Leadership Council.

Combining degrees in psychology and business with over two decades of Rolfing experience, Bethany brings a fresh perspective to somatic education. Adept at making complex ideas understandable, relevant, and accessible to a wide variety of learning styles, Bethany’s articles have been published in the Structural Integration Journal, the International Association of Structural Integration Yearbook, Massage Magazine, Endurance Magazine, among others. Bethany teaches internationally and has a full-time private practice based in Durham, NC.