The hands of a certified Rolfer performing part of the Ten Series during a Rolfing Structural Integration session.
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What is Rolfing® Structural Integration?

Rolfing is a method of bodywork that aims to align the body with the force of gravity. Designed by Dr. Ida Rolf, this technique works directly with the fascia, or connective tissues, of the body to integrate and restructure from head to toe. This leaves clients with a greater sense of awareness and comfort in their bodies, as well as better posture, reduced pain, and enhanced ease of movement. Rolfing also supports psychological and emotional wellness.

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Small group of students and teacher seated and smiling in the lobby of the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute, taking a break from their Rolf Movement certification course.

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Rolf Institute Noboku Muth demonstrating part of the Ten Series in her Rolfing Structural Integration course, supporting clients head and neck region and modeling therapeautic relationship.

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Want to help our students complete their education (and have Rolfing services done at a lower rate)? We‘re always looking for people to join our community clinics. Fill out an application for the clinic that best fits your schedule to get started.

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Why I Became a Rolfer®

Headshot profile photo of presious board member president Rich Ennis.

Most of my science colleagues thought it was a crazy move from Senior Research Scientist to Rolfer. I was constantly asked if I could make enough income to survive doing this Hands-on work.

Rich Ennis

Read our members' stories on why they became a Rolfer. These stories will not only connect us more deeply as an internal community, but they will serve as inspiration for other people to consider Rolfing® Structural Integration as a meaningful career.

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Graphic showcasing Our Stories - Healed through Rolfing serties of personal accounts of transformation through Rolfing Structural Integration.

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