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Rolf Institute Staff

Back row (left to right): Christina Howe, Mary Contreras, Emily Jarvis, Pat Heckmann, Susan Winter, Colette Cole
Front row: Stephanie Bradley, Samantha Sherwin, Jeannine Lee

Contact the Staff

Rolf Institute: 303-449-5903

Christina Howe, Executive Director/Chief Academic Officer   x 103
Pat Heckmann, Director of Education Services x 105
Emily Jarvis, Office Manager x 100
Mary Contreras, Director of Admissions & Recruitment x 106
Samantha Sherwin, Director of Financial Aid  x 107
Stephanie Bradley, Executive Assistant for Education x 101
Jeannine Lee, Clinic Coordinator x 104

About the Staff

Christina Howe

Executive Director/Chief Academic Officer  

Christina has worked in public education for over 30 years, including serving as an Adjust Professor of Philosophy for 12 years at the University of Kansas, Villanova and Beaver College. She served for 17 years as a P-20 Charter School founder and school principal and superintendent. Christina has been the Rolf Institute's Executive Director since 2015. Responsibilities include:

Pat Heckmann

Director of Education Services

Pat has worked at the Rolf Institute since 2013, first in the Membership Department, and now as Director of Education Services. The main areas of her position include:

Emily Jarvis

Office Manager

Emily has worked in Office Management since 2015 and been with the Rolf Institute since late 2017. Responsibilities include:

Mary Contreras

Director of Admissions & Recruitment

Mary is a Colorado native and has been in the education/admissions field for over 20 years. She has a passion for helping people further their education or starting their career. With her background in education, she enjoys learning and spending time outdoors with her family. Responsibilities include:

Samantha Sherwin

Director of Financial Aid

Samantha has worked in Education for over 10 years, eight years working with Title IV. She has been with the Rolf Institute since 2017 as the Director of Financial Aid. She is a Colorado native. Primary responsibilities include:

Stephanie Bradley

Executive Assistant for Education

Stephanie has lived in Colorado all of her life.She has three kids and has never been skiing, which is important to note as a native. She loves the mountains and gets outdoors as much as possible, typically to fish! Prior to working for the Rolf Institute, Stephanie spent time in higher education as a Career Services Coordinator and a Student Advisor. As the Executive Assistant her duties include:

Jeannine Lee

Clinic Coordinator

Prior to working at Rolf Institute, Jeannine was a life coach, relationship coach, systems coach, mediator, Collaborative Divorce Coach and many other titles. She is an award-winning book author and a speaker and most well-known for work in the divorce field, having done this work for the last dozen or so years.

As Clinic Coordinator, Jeannine’s responsibilities include: