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"Become A Mentor" Course

Throughout our careers, we all need support in improving our knowledge and skills. Mentorship programs have become a significant way for organizations to support the growth of professionals in a field. Mentoring can be formal or informal. In an informal relationship, mentees set goals that are usually not measurable, and the relationship is unstructured. For a formal mentoring program, actionable and measurable goals are defined and set with determining requirements. The DIRI Mentorship program is a formal program that meets specific, set requirements for mentees to earn up to 24 hours of Continuing Education credits towards Advanced Rolfing® Certification.

The DIRI Mentorship Program documents and supports a formal relationship between two professionals where a practitioner with more experience, knowledge, and skills passes along what they have learned to a less experienced practitioner within the field of Rolfing Structural Integration. It is a reciprocal and collaborative relationship for the mentee's growth. The mentee seeks out a DIRI-approved, Certified Mentor whom they respect and who will help them understand themselves better as a professional and with whom they can be honest and vulnerable in their path to becoming an Advanced Rolfer®.

Requirements for Mentors

  • Applicants must be Certified Advanced Rolfers with a minimum of five years in full practice.
  • A Mentor must be a Rolf Institute® member in good standing.
  • Mentors must complete the Become a Mentor course in the Canvas Learning Management System, which includes submitting an official application, to be certified as a DIRI Mentor.
  • Mentors must be willing to list their contact information on the DIRI website.
  • Mentors are responsible for completing and submitting mentee evaluations and logs through the Canvas Learning Management System.

Objectives of the Become a Mentor Course

The Become a Mentor online course will support you in becoming a Certified DIRI Mentor. By becoming a Certified DIRI Mentor, you can post your information on the DIRI website and offer continuing education credits for your mentees. This will also support you and allow you to offer various mentorship opportunities with current and graduate students in Rolfing® Structural Integration or Practice Building.

Course Objectives: Mentors will learn how to

  • Set mentorship goals using the DIRI Rolfing Structural Integration Knowledge and Skill standards.
  • Review the Ten-Series for supporting beginning students.
  • Provide quality and effective feedback.
  • Review of DIRI Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.
  • Use Technology for Mentoring—Best Practices.
  • Document your mentorship.

The Canvas course online for Become A Mentor is designed to be completed at your own pace, with each module focused on a specific course objective. It also allows you to complete the full mentorship application online and to submit all required documents to establish yourself as a Certified DIRI Mentor.

Additionally, the course provides a media library with several video series of each of the ten sessions as an enrichment tool and for use in discussions with your Rolfer. Additional handouts and articles are provided for enrichment and may be used in supporting the mentorship process.

Continuing Education Credits

There is a fee of $40 for new mentors to enroll in the Become a Mentor course, and members who complete the course are eligible for 24 hours of Elective Continuing Education credit for a fee of $75.

If you would like to receive a certificate showing three DIRI Elective CE credits, please complete the form found HERE. There is a required fee of $75 associated with this request. You will be prompted to make the payment once you click Submit form. Please be sure to click Add to Cart and Pay, and follow the steps to pay online. Acceptable payment methods are PayPal, Credit Card Online, or eCheck Online (bank debit).

Once you submit your request and pay the fee, a certificate will be sent to you via email within 48 hours.

Mentees/Rolfers may receive up to three days, or 24 hours, of Required Intermediate Continuing Education credits (NCBTMB approved) towards the prerequisites for Advanced Training. Additional mentoring hours are eligible for Elective Continuing Education credits. The Mentee/Rolfer receiving mentoring will be charged a $75 processing fee for each series of mentoring for which they wish to receive credit.

Credit will be recorded for the Rolfer when the following are submitted:

  1. The Mentor's evaluation form of the student- Submitted online HERE.
  2. The Mentee/Rolfer’s evaluation form of the mentor- Submitted online HERE.
  3. Submit the Request Form and pay the $75 processing fee- The Mentee can complete the Request form and Submit their payment HERE once both of the abovementioned forms have been submitted.

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