Benefits of a Rolfing Career

The profession that transforms lives. Starting with yours.

A desire for more meaningful careers and to refocus life missions. This is a sentiment you may relate to, and you are not alone. Many "career changers'' apply to our program, often being therapists certified in another bodywork modality with 3-5 years of experience.

With Rolfing®, you can have a rewarding career that pays more, allows flexibility and freedom, and gives you the tools to change lives - helping people feel better in their bodies. With Rolfing Structural Integration, work insightfully with a deeper holistic approach and a focus on somatic therapy.

Graduates find that Rolfing gives them...

  • Satisfaction from insightful work.
    • More complex therapeutic work on holistic client health and well-being. Learn how to do a body reading that includes the structural and functional adaptations of each individual.
  • Healthier income for the work they do.
    • Rolfers earn between $130-$160 per hour (on average)*
  • Freedom to work where they want.
    • As one Rolfer put it, If you can fix someone's back, you can travel anywhere. Work for yourself, as your hands as your primary tools.
  • Power to positively change lives.
    • Helping clients off the table and back powerfully into their lives. Somatic touch encourages clients to adopt an entirely new attitude and point of view based on holistic changes in their bodies.
  • Opportunity within a growing discipline.
    • Career growth via an increasing public interest in somatic touch therapy.

Learn more about how to begin transformation on a whole new level.

*as supplied by DIRI via the 2022 Survey of Rolfing Practitioners