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RISI is a Platinum Sponsor for the 2018 Fascia Research Congress

In partnership with the European Rolfing Association, the Rolf Institute is serving as a Platinum Sponsor for the Fifth International Fascia Research Congress, which will take place in Berlin, Germany, November 14-15. The Rolf Institute continues to take a leadership role in providing support for these events. This is a very exciting opportunity and we thank you for this wonderful collaboration.

Support the Rolf Institute with Research Donations

Please support RISI with a donation used to fund our FRC scholarship. These scholarships go to research professionals or students engaged in a graduate research training program. Following graduation, recipients participate in conducting and publishing research in a peer-reviewed journal.

RISI was a Gold Sponsor for the IASI Symposium

The Rolf Institute served as a Gold sponsor for the IASI Symposium in April in Vancouver, WA. The IASI Symposium is a testament to the growth of the structural integration in the world.

Conversations with Rolfing® Faculty Video Series

Watch brief, insightful videos of our faculty as they speak about different aspects of Rolfing Structural Integration and Rolf Movement Integration, their capacity for transformation, and on becoming a Rolfer.

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Rolfing®: For Healing and High Performance

Available on Amazon (use link in title)

Dr. Ida P. Rolf Ph.D., dedicated her life to the development of a systematic approach to improving human structure and well-being. This booklet provides a brief, yet informative, introduction to the Rolfing® method and how its approach to releasing deeply ingrained patterns of tension and strain has been highly effective in treating everything from neck and back pain to impaired mobility, repetitive stress injuries and chronic tension.

New Article on Rolfing SI and Low Back Pain

Structural Integration as an Adjunct to Outpatient Rehabilitation for Chronic Nonspecific Low Back Pain: A Randomized Pilot Clinical Trial

Printed copies of The Journal are Available on Amazon

Issues of Structural Integration: The Journal of The Rolf Institute® are available on Amazon (click the headline to access the Rolf Institute Amazon page).

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