Advanced Rolfing SI



Jan Sultan, Advanced Faculty

Members are required to take the Advanced Training three to seven years after their initial certification. If a Rolfer elects to complete his/her Rolf Movement® Certification, then the time is extended to nine years. These requirements are in keeping with signed agreements that members have with the Rolf Institute. If there is a problem in meeting this obligation, send a letter to the Executive Director at the Rolf Institute for your situation’s review by the Board of Directors.


Advanced Training is a course which is offered in various locations and formats. The Advanced Training is designed to help you develop and deepen your understanding and effectiveness as a Rolfer. It is also a context in which you can explore the latest developments in our work.


The major goals of the Advanced Training are to allow you to design your sessions for the individual and immediate needs of your client without having to resort to a recipe at any level and to allow you to be more effective with less effort. In order to accomplish these goals, the instructors will be exploring the following:

Advanced Training Prerequisites & Policies

168 Hours

  1. Certification as a Rolfer.
  2. A minimum of three years in Rolfing practice.
  3. Members are required to accumulate 18 Intermediate Continuing Education credits over a three to seven year period. One credit is given for each day (at least 7 class hours) of a workshop. Intermediate Continuing Education credits are required as follows:
    • 10 Intermediate Required CE Course Credits, taught by Rolf Institute approved Faculty/instructors.
    • 5 Intermediate Required CE Movement Credits, taught by a Rolf Institute approved Rolfing Movement instructor.
    • 3 Other CE Course Credits (not from Intermediate Required CE courses)

Note: Any credits earned towards completion of the prerequisites for the AT program under the previous RISI CE policy for manipulation, cranial-sacral and Rolf Movement Integration will be grandfather/mothered in and accepted as pre-requisites for the Advanced Training.

While the Required Intermediate CE course credits are designed to prepare one for the Advanced Training and comply with the prerequisites for enrollment, the Required Intermediate CE courses may also be taken for elective credit as part of ongoing CE training.

In order to maintain affiliation with The Rolf Institute, this course must be completed within seven years of initial Rolfing certification, or within nine years if one first completes the Rolf Movement Integration training.

If an applicant has not completed the 18 CE credits required for admission to the Advanced Training they may apply and the CE Committee, at their discretion, may grant admission. However, before receiving the Advanced Certification the person must complete all 18 CE requirements.


This program emphasizes how to make more precise and subtle distinctions as well as how to recognize and manipulate specific kinds of motion restrictions, including myofascial, articular, and functional. Working outside of the Ten-Series is emphasized.

Format & Methods

Advanced Rolfing Training is a 168 hour course, divided into 24 days that may be arranged in one of several formats. 

The Advanced Rolfing Certification Program is a forum for refinement and development of the work through a deeper examination of the diverse aspects of Rolfing SI, with Rolfers bringing their experiences from their private practice into the classroom setting. The Advanced Rolfing Certification Program provides a format for examining the energetic processes that are a fundamental part of the client-practitioner equation. Each Rolfer learns how to use these processes consciously and intentionally. The focus is on being able to meet the specific structural, functional and energetic needs of the individual client. Attention is also directed to these same aspects of the practitioner's own process. This program is designed to bring a deeper level of understanding to the Rolfer and his/her clinical practice.


Please see Tuition and Costs

Advanced Training Prerequisite Waivers

If you have not completed all of your credits, or if you have not been a Rolfer for three years, but there is an Advanced Training in your area, or one that works especially well for you, then you may request an Advanced Training Prerequisite waiver. Waiver requests may be reviewed and approved by the instructors of the class. You will not be certified as advanced until your credit requirements are fulfilled.

First Priority: Those who meet all prerequisites in order of date applied (with deposit).
Second Priority: Rolfers with over seven years of practice who do not have all prerequisites, in order of date applied (with deposit). Waiver must be approved.
Third Priority: Those who do not have all prerequisites (those with fewer credits below those with more credits), in order of date applied (with deposit). Waiver must be approved.
Fourth Priority: Those who do not have three years of practice, if approved.

After the deadline, openings will be on a first-come, first-serve basis to those who are approved.

Please remember:

Auditing Advanced Training

If you have already completed your Advanced Training through the Rolf Institute, then you are welcome to repeat the training on a space available basis (if the class is not full) at half price. If you want to be assured a spot in case the class fills, you will need to pay full price. Advanced Rolfers may beable to attend morning lectures at no charge, with the approval of the instructors. Please check with the instructors in advance to determine whether space is available. We request that all visiting members recognize the priority of those completing the class for the first time.