Research Overview

Research on Rolfing® Structural Integration

The DIRI Research Committee supports and guides Rolfing® Structural Integration research. The Committee actively solicits contributions for research into structural integration through the DIRI donation page. We also solicit and evaluate research proposals for possible financial support through the DIRI. We greatly appreciate your financial tax-deductible donations and your research proposal!

    For the purpose of conducting basic and applied research, the DIRI has set up the DIRI Research Committee. The Committee reviews research proposals and solicits donations to support meritorious research projects. Again, we greatly appreciate your tax-deductible donations and your research proposals.

    The DIRI focuses on the research literacy of its graduates by including research in its curriculum.

    Please contact:
    Vaclav Kremen, M.Sc.Eng, Ph.D., Certified Rolfer®, Chair

    Call for Scholarship Applications

    The Rolf Institute is pleased to announce the availability of partial-tuition scholarships to support the completion of an Advanced or Basic training program in Rolfing Structural Integration. Eligible individuals include research professionals or students engaged in a graduate research training program administered by a university or other recognized research institution. Applicants must be committed to the investigation of Structural Integration outcomes or mechanisms.
    Awards will be made with the requirement that recipients will participate as a principal or co-investigator in conducting and publishing research results in a peer-reviewed journal following graduation from their Rolf Institute training. Awards will be granted as a 50% reduction in tuition for those who attend training at the main training facility in Boulder, CO.

    Submissions are reviewed upon submission. One scholarship is granted per calendar year.
    To apply, please download this application and submit it to Vaclav Kremen at

     DIRI Research Tuition Scholarship Application

    Rich Ennis, Former BOD Chair & Former Research Chair,
    Christina Howe, DIRI Executive Director
    Kevin McCoy, Former BOD Chair